Happy Lohri

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Lohri: Bonfire Festival

Lohri: Bonfire Festival



Happy Lohri

Lohri Wallpapers

Lohri Festival

Lohri Wishes

Lohri Sms

Lohri Songs

Lohri Images

Lohri Greetings

Happy Lohri Wallpaper

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Happy Lohri Images

Happy Lohri Wishes

Happy Lohri Quotes

Hindu Festival 2015


Lohri: Bonfire Festival

Amidst the cementing frigid atmosphere, with the temperature wobbling between 0-5 degrees Celsius and the thick cloudiness outside, everything seems, by all accounts, to be stagnant in the northern bit of India. Then again, underneath the unmistakably cemented surface, you would shocked to find a considerable surge of development going on. People, especially in the northern Indian states of Punjab, Haryana and parts of Himachal Pradesh, are gotten up to speed with making game plans for Lohri — the long awaited pit fire festivity — when they can leave their homes and recognize the gathering of the Rabi (winter) collects and offer into loosening up and getting a charge out of the ordinary individuals tunes and moves.


In Punjab, the breadbasket of India, wheat is the basic winter crop, which is sown in October and harvested in Spring or April. In January, the fields think about the surety of a splendid harvest, and agriculturists watch Lohri in the midst of this rest period before the cutting and collecting of yields.

According to the Hindu date-book, Lohri falls in mid-January. The earth, most far off from the sun at this time of time, starts its trek towards the sun, therefore completing the coldest month of the year, Paush, and reporting the start of the month of Magh and the favorable time of Uttarayan. According to the Bhagawad Gita, Master Krishna demonstrates to himself in his full grandness in the midst of this time.

The Hindus “negate” their transgressions by washing in the Ganges.

Customs & Legends

In the morning on Lohri day, adolescents go from approach to door singing and asking for the Lohri “loot” as money and eatables like til (sesame) seeds, peanuts, jaggery, or sweets like gajak, rewri, etc. They sing in approval for Dulha Bhatti, a Punjabi image of Robin Hood who plundered the rich to help destitute individuals, and once safeguarded a sad town young woman out of her misery by getting her offered like his own sister.

The Bonfire Ritual

In the evening, with the setting of the sun, tremendous bursts are lit in the gathered fields and in the front yards of houses and people aggregate around the rising flares, circle around (parikrama) the open air fire and hurl puffed rice, popcorn and distinctive munchies into the fire, hollering “Aadar yes dilather jaye” (May regard come and desperation vanish!), and sing understood society tunes. This is a sort of solicitation to God to Agni, the fire god, to support the range with riches and flourishing. After the parikrama, people meet partners and relatives, exchange welcome and enrichments, and proper prasad (offerings made to god).

The ‘Maghi’ Day

The prasad incorporates five essential things: til, gajak, jaggery, peanuts, and popcorn. Winter savories are served around the open air fire with the ordinary dinner of makki-di-roti (multi-millet hand-moved bread) and sarson-da-saag (cooked mustard herbs).

Song & Dance

Bhangra move by men begins after the offering to the blast. Moving continues till late night with new social affairs joining amidst the beat of drums. By and large, women don’t join Bhangra. They hold an alternate pit fire in their porch hovering it with the exquisite gidda move.

Exhibition of Exhuberance

Lohri is more than just a festival, especially for the overall public of Punjab. Punjabis are a lighthearted, extreme, solid, vivacious, fiery and approachable race, and Lohri is run of the mill of their love for merriments and upbeat teases and show of excess.

A Celebration of Fertility

Lohri acclaims lavishness and the enjoyment of life, and in the event of the origination of a male tyke or a marriage in the family, it acknowledge a greater centrality wherein the accepting family sorts out a dinner and lively making with the routine bhangra move close by rhythm instruments, like the dhol and the gidda. The central Lohri of another companion or a baby is viewed as basic.

Thanksgiving & Get-together!

Nowadays, Lohri secures an open entryway for people in the gathering to appreciate a respite from their possessed timetable and get together to share each other’s association. In distinctive parts of India, Lohri practically relates with the festivals of Pongal, Makar Sankranti, and Uttarayan all of which pass on the same message of solidarity and acclaims the spirit of organization, while communicating appreciation toward the Omnipotent for a copious life on earth.

Lohri: Bonfire Festival

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